Isolite System

Roselle Dentist

The Isolite system removes shadows traditionally cast by an overhead lamp. It clears the typically crowded mouth of gauze, two sets of hands, an aspirator and a hand tool. With this device, your dentists achieve better visibility and moisture control, which results in improved efficiency, clinical results, safety and patient comfort.

This hypoallergenic, latex and silicone free disposable mouthpiece works by isolating the areas of the mouth requiring work, while simultaneously illuminating the oral cavity via an attached light. Additionally, two vacuum channels run the entire length of the Isolite mouthpiece, evacuating fluids and moisture continuously, so you won’t have to expel saliva using the aspirator. The mouthpiece also protects your tongue from dental tools and shields the airway from possible inhalation of any foreign body.

The Isolate system allows patients to have a more comfortable visit.