Bone and Tissue Grafting

Dentist Roselle

Upon meeting with a dentist for a dental implant exam and consultation, you may learn that a bone or tissue graft is recommended prior to receiving a dental implant. This is often the case when tissue or bone has atrophied due to advanced periodontitis or tooth loss.

With the use of modern technology, grafting is minimally invasive and provides permanent results. Through a process called “guided tissue regeneration,” your body will recognize the graft as natural bone and over time will replace the graft it with your own native bone.

One of the following bone graft types may be recommended prior to placing a dental implant:

● The Alveolar Ridge Preservation Graft or “Socket Graft” – May be used after a tooth is removed or extracted
● The Autogenous Ramus/Chin Graft or “Block Bone Graft” – May be used after dental trauma related bone loss
● The Subantral Graft or “Sinus Lift Procedure” – May be used to build up jaw bone near sinus cavities