Six Month Smiles

Roselle, IL Dentist

Do you want to straighten your teeth without the metal brackets? How about achieving a beautiful smile in less than a year? If so, Six Month Smiles® may be right for you.

By using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, braces are now barely noticeable, ensuring more confidence while in the treatment process. This modified braces system corrects your smile in approximately six months. Six Month Smiles® provides shorter overall treatment time, making the entire process more comfortable, hygienic and less expensive than traditional braces.

There are many benefits to having Six Month Smiles® to straighten your teeth without the metal braces. It is more visually appealing and people will barely notice that you’re wearing anything on your teeth. They are also comfortable and easy to wear without affecting your speech. In addition, Six Month Smiles® can correct crooked teeth, crowded teeth, teeth separated by unattractive gaps and misalignment between the upper and lower rows of the teeth.

With traditional braces, you may experience pain, discomfort or mouth sores due to the metal brackets. They are more visually unappealing and may create low self-esteem and low self-confidence. There is an increase in the chances of getting tooth decay and plaque buildup from inadequate brushing and flossing.

Your teeth play an important role in your oral and overall health. If your teeth are not straight, you may not be chewing thoroughly which can cause digestive problems. This stress can create overall health problems such as indigestion and stomach ulcers. Having overcrowded and crooked teeth can create tight spaces in your mouth which can cause overlapping. Also, flossing may become more difficult if your teeth are not aligned. A great amount of bacteria and plaque may build up and contribute to tooth decay and gum disease, which can also contribute to other serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.