TMJ Therapy

Dentist in Roselle

Your dentist may offer relief for patients experiencing TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorders, which results in pain in the joints and facial muscles surrounding your jaw.

TMJ symptoms may include:

• Tension and tenderness in your face or jaw
• Difficulty with opening your mouth wide, locking or clicking of your jaw
• Difficulty in chewing, a tired feeling in your face
• Swelling on the side of your face

Other common symptoms of TMJ include toothaches, headaches, dizziness, earache, ringing in the ears and hearing problems.

Your dentist will look into your health history to assist in determining the cause of your symptoms and will examine your jaw thoroughly. He or she will check for locking of the jaw while opening and closing your mouth. Additionally, your bite and facial muscle function will be examined, and your dentist will evaluate your jaw pain and tenderness. In some cases, x-rays will be taken to check your jaw, jaw joint and teeth for irregularities.