Preparing for Back-to-School with Your Roselle Dentist

Roselle, IL Dentist

dentist in roselle, dentist in roselle il, roselle dentist, roselle il dentistStart your child’s school year off with a bright smile. See your Roselle dentist to place your child’s oral health on track to success this school year!

Back-to-school season is the best time to integrate good oral health habits into your child’s daily routine. Monitor your child’s daily oral hygiene habits to ensure the best care to your child’s smile. Healthy daily habits include brushing with a soft bristle toothbrush and flossing before and after school. Avoid any mint flavors for children, as they are too strong for a sensitive palate. Daily dental hygiene habits are easily created when your child enjoys the flavor of their toothpaste and floss. Your dentist in Roselle IL, will suggest oral care products for your child.

Healthy eating habits will encourage a healthy smile. When packing your child’s lunch, consider healthy options. Avoid acidic juices that cause tooth enamel erosion. Instead, select drinks that are low in sugar, such as milk and water. Milk is an excellent calcium source to develop strong healthy teeth. Excessive sugar in food and beverages may cause cavities.

Your Roselle dentist recommends a six-month check up to support optimal dental health throughout the school year. Your dentist may also recommend an orthodontic assessment for your child’s developing smile. If your child is registered to play contact sports this year, you may want to ask your dentist about a protective mouth guard. A well-fitted mouth guard can lower injury risks to your child’s smile. Early orthodontic care can guide the development of the jaw and permanent teeth.

Remember, good dental hygiene is the key to complete wellness. Practice good dental habits to succeed your child’s oral health this school year! Contact the Roselle IL dentist to schedule your child’s next appointment.


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